Norwich Congregational Church


First, thank you for ushering. There are copies of these instructions in the sign-up book in the hallway. Take one to use as a reminder, and to fill in the attendance count.


Before the Service

1. Please plan to arrive at the Church no later than 9 AM in order to fold the Church bulletins and add any  inserts.  They are found in the Parlor.

2. During warmer months, open windows as appropriate for comfort.

3. Put lights on as needed, but be sure to put on:

A.  Back wall light switches: 1. Entrance Light, 2. Chandelier, 3. Nave, 4. Dais, 5. Communion Table

B.  Switch on right on wall behind Pastor’s chair; Stained glass window light

C.  Choir lights located behind last row of choir chairs.

4. Offering plates should be on the communion table beside the candles.

5. Replace the pillar candle on the wall behind the pulpit with a new one from the lower left drawer in  the Parlor; leave it lit after the service; matches are on a shelf under the pulpit.

6. Please light the candles on the communion table before or during the prelude.

7. Change hymnal numbers on hymnal board.  The box of numbers is under the pulpit.

8. The audio system power switch is located in the cabinet at the rear of the church on the organ side of the Sanctuary.  Please turn on the master switch at the top only.  All the volumes are preset.  The six hearing aids are located in a wicker basket at the back of the Church for those who need them.

9. If the downstairs seating area is full, open the balcony and encourage people to sit there.  If people are seated in the balcony, remember to collect the offering there as well.

10. Check to make sure there are pew cards for visitors, prayer concern cards and pencils in each pew.   Please take a moment to also check all the hymnals to make sure they are set upright and that the cover of  the book is facing the parishioner.


During the Service

1. Hand out bulletins as people enter.  Make sure some bulletins are available at the Parish Hall end of the Sanctuary either on the first pew or the window sill, near, but not on the piano.  Help direct late arrivals to available seats.  Please remind people to wear their name tags.

2. During the first hymn, walk down the aisles and count the number of adults in the congregation, including the choir and the Worship Leader.  Take a separate count of the number of children.  Write the numbers on the back of this sheet..

3. During the hymn following the sermon, collect any prayer request cards that have been filled in and bring them forward to the Pastor.

4. The bulletin now says “Nursery care is available for the entire service.”  If you’re asked about this, please direct them to Danielle Taylor.


Collecting the Offering

1. The plates are on the communion table except on Communion Sunday when they are placed on the front pews.  The Pastor will hand you the plates.

2. Turn and start collecting up the center aisle after the Pastor announces the offering.

3. The first Usher to reach the back corner of the Church will wait for the other Usher.  Then return to the front of the Church down the outer aisles in order to collect the outer aisles, moving to the back of the Church.

4. On Communion Sundays, after you collect the offering, the Deacons will take the offering and the elements to the Pastor.

5. Wait in the back of the Church for the Doxology.  Go up together when the congregation starts singing.

6. The Pastor will take the plates from you when you reach the front.  Do not return to the back of the Church until after the Prayer of Dedication is spoken.


After the Service

1. Please open and fasten back the double doors.

2. Check the pews for belongings left behind.  Pick up the bulletins and arrange hymnals in an orderly  manner; black hymnals on the ends, red ones in the middle.  Bulletins should be recycled in the recycling  box under the coat rack in the hallway.

3. If you’ve opened them, please shut the windows.

4. Return the hearing aids to their basket  -- make sure they are turned offTurn off the Main Switch in the top of the audio system.

5. Turn off all the lights and close the sanctuary doors.

6. Please leave the ushering sheet with the attendance numbers  on the Office Manager's desk.


Thank you for Ushering!


Ushering: Duties Before and During Church Services